About us


Maschinen + Service GmbH

Established in the year 2000.

In 2009 we moved into our new, modern facility in Schwalmtal. With a total
of 5,000 square meters production area and 800 sqm adminstrator we are
long term our product lines upto the functional acceptance by the customer.
Our innovative staff stands for most modern function-oriented mechanical
engineering and future-oriented services.
Modern machinery assist us by carrying out our various tasks.

For customers who want more ...
Top priority is always the benefit to the customers. The identification with
its business objectives is therefore the primary precondition of our work.
We offer nothing "off the rack", but tailor-made solutions, because we
know that every business, every project is different.
Markets are constantly in motion and we enable a fast reaction. Due to
our extensive experience with in various industries we think fast, effective
and networked into new processes, structures and problems.

Challenge us, we are ready!