Linear Drive Handling


Systems up to 500 kg loading capacity

223 Linear handling

4x Servo drive // tooth belt-systems
2x pneumatic two-finger parallel gripper fingers.
Work piece: Gear shaft.
Job: Unload from belt an load into forging press.

302 Linear handling

3x Servo drive // tooth belt-systems
1x pneumatic rotation axis position 90°/0°/90°
1 x pneumatic two-finger parallel gripper fingers
Work piece: Gear shaft.
Job: Unload from tempering furnace
an load on transport belt.

233 Control-System

1x pneumatic adjusting axis for holding fixture of Container
2xpneumtic adjusting axis to closes open container
1x pressure difference measurement device
Job: Leak-test of work piece after welding process

260 Control-System

1x lift-transfer // tooth belt system
1x pneumatic centering-unit + optical inspection of components
1x laser gravure unit
1 work piece selection into good (IO) and non-good (NIO)
IO pieces by robot handling lay into tray
NIO pieces deleted by manual operation
Job. Surface inspection of pistons

282 Quenching equipment basin

Electrical endless turntable
Cyclus: 12x 30° = 360°
2x pneumatic Lifting axis
2x pneumatic two finger angular gripper
Work piece: Gear shaft
Job: to temper the work piece through quenching in a liquid medium
Load and unload by robot (not included)