Welding-Robot Systems


Welding-Robot Systems with customized positioning units

     Installation and Setup
     Process responsibility
     Delivered including function warranty
     Customized PLC Software development
     Operator and Service training
     DTPS (Desktop Simulation an Programing System) offline simulation software

268 Welding-Robot-Unit

Unit 1: Turn-sweep-Positioners
Unit 2: Table
Sash doors Unit with security
controlled feed section
Covered by  anti-glare shield
1 x welding-robot




Endless E-driven turntable
Performance clock-table 6 x 60° = 360°
Pneumatic turntable 180° drive reversible
at in feed section
Load / Unload station: optical component control
Station 1: welding of 3 x cams
Station 2: appear sealant + optical welding inspection
Station 3: cap inlay
Station 4: cap press in
Station 5: cap welding
Components: 2-mass-fly wheel

261 Welding-Robot-Unit

E-drive turntable 120° drive reversible
With roller door and safety
controlled in fee section
Equipet with 1 x welding robot
Component: steamer cooker

310 Welding-Robot-Unit

Turn-sweep robot unit
Main-axle pivoting range: 0-90°
2. Pivot: Endless turn-table
Unit with roller door and safety
controlled In-feed section
1x welding-robot
Component: Bins for anti-shocker

270 Welding-Robot-Unit

Unit with double roller door and safety
controlled In-feed section.
1x welding-robot.
Station 1: Turn-sweep- positioner.
Station 2. Turn-sweep-positioner.
Unit can be feed in one station and welding at
the same time in second station.
Components: unknown